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BMC Products
Bulk molding compound (BMC compositions are complex mixtures of resins, various ingredients (fillers, catalysts, thickeners, etc.) fiberglass chopped strand, all of which influence important property and processing characteristics. So it is suitable for making products which have complex structures, such as electricity parts, automobile parts, FRP molds, etc.
Product Detail

The finished products made of BMC have the following advantages compared with those made of porcelain and made by resin casting:

1. Light weight

For the same parts, the weight of the BMC composite material is 20-30% lighter than that of steel.

2. Excellent performance

The physical performance index shows that it can best compete with metal materials, and maintains mechanical properties even at high temperature. The BMC material itself is a corrosion-resistant material, so it does not need the phosphate treatment for anti-corrosion and the improvement of adhesive properties, it is why the application of BMC material costs less and saves the energy compared with metal.

For the whole bathroom, it must have the characters of corrosion resistance and insulation in such a humid environment for a long time, BMC materials are born with this and have excellent performance. Due to the low thermal conductivity of BMC material (closed to wood), we can feel it warmer than ceramics when touching.

3. More environmentally friendly

The BMC material needs to be molded at a high temperature of 150°C, it's almost not volatile at room temperature, which is safer and more reliable than products made of plastic and or painted.

BMC ProductsBMC Products

BMC ProductsBMC Products



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