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Vinyl Ester Resin
We have several types of Vinyl Resin with different properties: low shrinkage, lower viscosity, Mgo thickening, flame retardant.etc.
Vinyl Ester Resin is an internationally recognized highly corrosion resistant resin, it can cure and gain service strength quickly and some types of them have excellent fire resistance.
Suitable for pultrusion,winding and FRP molding processes;FGD processes;Infusion/RTM process for large size composites such as yacht and wind power blade etc.
Product Detail

Vinyl Ester Resin, also known as vinyl ester. It is a mixture of polyester and epoxy resin. Vinyl ester resin has high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and thermal deformation temperature, and the vinyl ester resin is suitable for most FRP molding methods, such as winding molding, hand lay-up molding, injection molding, pultrusion molding and centrifugal injection molding.

Item No.Gel Time(25℃)MinChemical CategoryFeaturesApplication
INV-V41110-17Bisphenol AExcellent construction technology; excellent corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance to general acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents; high solid content, excellent mechanical and mechanical propertiesChemical anti-corrosion equipment, engineering, sporting goods, transportation.
INV-V411M8-18Bisphenol AStandard bisphenol A type epoxy vinyl ester resin. Excellent construction technology, excellent corrosion resistanceWidely used in chemical engineering of many chemical media such as acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent and pipes, tanks, towers, tanks, pools in industry.
INV-V411W20-30Bisphenol AExcellent corrosion resistance, combined with performance and cost advantages, with better price/performance ratioAnticorrosion equipment and engineering in conventional chemical industry.
INV-V411L- GXX30-120( can be customized)Bisphenol AHas lower viscosity, adjustable gel time, lower exothermic peakVacuum infusion molding process to prepare composite products, such as boats, wind power fields
High reactivity, heat resistance, excellent toughnessRapid pultrusion to prepare rods, cores, pipes and other products
Low cure shrinkage, pre-acceleration, anti-sagPreparation of composite molds, or composite products with low shrinkage requirements
INV-V480————Mgo ThickeningHigh reactivity, thickening with magnesium oxideSMC molding process to prepare battery shells, fan impellers, etc.
INV-V495————Mgo ThickeningHigh toughness, magnesia thickenerUsed together with low shrinkage agent, it can prepare products with low shrinkage, high strength, high toughness, high heat resistance and heat aging resistance, etc. It is suitable for BMC, SMC, prepreg and other molded products. e.g. composite toe caps, helmets.
INV-V65030-60(can be adjusted based on the accelerator content)Halogen Free Flame RetardantHalogen-free, in addition to the corrosion resistance of conventional epoxy vinyl ester resins, it also has good flame retardancy. It is an integrated solution product with anti-corrosion and flame retardant properties.Mainly used in corrosion-resistant equipment with flame retardant requirements, such as wet electrostatic precipitators in thermal power plants, chimneys, etc.
INV-V47010-30Phenolic AldehydePhenolic modified epoxy vinyl ester resin, high crosslinking density, HDT=145 ℃, has more excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance; especially in acid oxidizing environment, it has long-term resistance.Heavy-duty anti-corrosion fields with strong corrosiveness and high temperature in chemical engineering and industry.


1. How can I get a sample?

Small quality of sample in stock will be free, but the freight will be charged.

2. Are you able to adjust the formula to meet our requirement?

We have our own technical department, after you test the sample, please tell us your detailed requests, we are able to adjust the resin according to your requests, and bring better properties to your finished products.

3. What is the lead time for mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the quantity. We will try our best to make the production plan according to your ETA.

4. What is your terms of payment?

100% full payment for the 1st trial order; from next order, 30% payment in advance, 70% payment after buyer get the B/L copy. We also accept L/C if you need.

Vinyl Ester Resin FAQ

Why we choose Changzhou Rule Composite Material Co., Ltd?
1.our is a enterprise engaged in in manufacturing high performance unsaturated polyester resin, gel coat, glass fiber reinforced composite materials and other related products, also professional in research, development as well as technical consulting and services of composite materials.

2.What is resin?
Resin usually refers to products inclined to softening or melting after receiving heat. When softening, it shows a trend toward flowing under the influence of external forces. Under normal temperature, it is in solid, semi-solid state, and sometimes liquid organic polymer. Broadly speaking, any macromolecule compound that can be used as a raw material for plastic processing can be called resin.

3.What can resins do for you?
Resin products are widely used in sectors like railways, automobiles, wind power, shipbuilding, cooling towers, pipelines, coatings, electrical appliances, artificial stone, handicrafts, lighting tiles, sanitary ware, anti-corrosion engineering and so on. Rule has been granted certification of ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System, and some products have won recognition of China Classification Society(CCS) and Food-Level Licenses of the Provincial Department of Health.

4.We are the professional resin solution provider.
With decades of experience in the R& D of resins, we can fully understand customers' needs and aspirations in the cooperation process and have presented countless solutions. Over the years, we work hard to optimize our products and make them attractive to end users.

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