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What is flame retardant resin
 Aug 02, 2022|View:521

Flame retardant resin refers to the resin material that can prevent or slow down the burning speed after certain technical treatment. Generally, resins are flammable, but flame retardant resins greatly reduce the flammability and reduce the harm of fire. Flame retardant resin is indispensable in daily life, and it is generally used as a very important material in buildings, vehicles and so on.

We all know that resin is a polymer material, which itself is highly flammable. Therefore, adding a certain solvent in the processing process to improve its heat resistance and flame resistance can effectively prevent its combustion. Flame retardant resins can generally be divided into additive flame retardant resins and reactive flame retardant resins. Flame retardant resin can reduce flammability and make it extinguish itself after fire, so as to inhibit the spread of fire and reduce the emission of toxic gases, so as to minimize personal danger. The investigation shows that flame retardant resin can greatly reduce the occurrence of fire and reduce the number of fire deaths by about 20%. This shows how important the role of flame retardant resin is. It not only ensures safety, but also saves one life after another.

Flame retardant resin

Generally, the price of flame retardant resin is about tens of yuan, and the price of products of different types and specifications is also different. Now there are many kinds of flame retardant resins in the market. Customers should choose according to their actual situation. In the face of many businesses, customers must shop around and choose products with high cost performance according to their own situation. Be sure to understand the scale of the business and its product performance. You can go to the store for product consultation, or you can consult the data by yourself to understand the relevant knowledge and know it well. Generally speaking, the products of brand selection are relatively quality guaranteed. If customers choose low-quality products for the sake of temporary cheapness, they will not only be affected in the later use process, but also there will be no guarantee for after-sales services.

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