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UPR auxiliary material includes accelerator, gel-delaying additive and air-drying additive, UPR auxiliary material is used with respective URP to improve transparence, elongate gel-time, and prevent a tacky surface.
Product Detail

-How to choose UPR auxiliary material

1. Benefit and cost: choose according to your needs.

2. Choose from safety: In order to facilitate production, choose the less toxic one.

3. Choose from the curing method: choose different curing agents according to the heat resistance of the product.

4. Choose from performance requirements: some require high temperature resistance, some require good flexibility, and some require good corrosion resistance, then select appropriate curing agents according to different requirements.

5. Choose from the pot life: The so-called pot life refers to the time from when the epoxy resin is added to the curing agent to when it cannot be used. For long-term application, acid anhydrides or latent curing are generally used.

Item No.Gel Time Min(25℃)Chemical CategoryProduct FeatureApplication Field

Be colorless and transparent,good performance,low temperature,and strong casting body

Good miscibility with resin, low dosage and stable performance, good curing performance

Light colors, slightly cyan, and bright, good curing performanceThe curing of unsaturated polyester resins for buttons and transparent casting crafts
Fast curing and low dosageIn occasions where light-colored FRP products need to be produced

Prolong the gel time of polyester putty, improve the storage stability of polyester puttyFor unsaturated polyester resin for putty

The pot life of the components with curing agent will be prolongedA special gel delay additive

Non-air-dryingMainly impart air-drying properties to unsaturated polyester resins, such as coating resins and resins for glass fiber reinforced plastics.


1. How can I get a sample?

Small quality of sample in stock will be free, but the freight will be charged.

2. Are you able to adjust the formula to meet our requirement?

We have our own technical department, after you test the sample, please tell us your detailed requests, we are able to adjust the resin according to your requests, and bring better properties to your finished products.

3. What is the lead time for mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the quantity. We will try our best to make the production plan according to your ETA.

4. What is your terms of payment?

100% full payment for the 1st trial order; from next order, 30% payment in advance, 70% payment after buyer get the B/L copy. We also accept L/C if you need.

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