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Pultrusion Resin
Pultrusion resin formulation is low viscosity,rapid wetting reinforcements,fast curing. Pultrusion resin is suitable for producing fishing pole,tent pole,grille and so on.
Product Detail

Pultrusion resin formulation has three chemical categories: IsophthalicTerephthalic and Orthophthalic.

Pultrusion process is a kind of forming method for continuous production of frp profiles.It is different from other molding processes in that the material is solidified in the mold cavity at high temperature,and the mold cavity is pulled out by external force.

The pultrusion resin is a transparent viscous liquid or a light yellow transparent liquid.The pultrusion resin has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and toughness,good surface quality,corrosion resistance, etc. Pultrusion resin is suitable for pultrusion rods and profiles,such as spray rods,mosquito net rods,etc.

Item No.Gel Time Min(25℃)Chemical CategoryProduct FeatureApplication Field
RC-310294.0-6.0O-phthalateHeat-resistant, excellent mechanical properties, high modulus and high hardnessHigh-speed extrusion processes
RC-1307.0-10.0O-phthalateGood rigidity, not easy to deformExtrusion and manufacturing of fishing poles, tent poles, grilles and other products
RC-R-10019.1-16.9O-phthalateGood mechanical strength, high elongation and strong versatilityGlass fiber reinforced plastic products by pultrusion
TR-P7926.0-10.0O-phthalateHigh strength, good toughness and good heat resistanceTent pole, fishing rod and other products
TR-P7956.0-10.0O-phthalateModerate viscosity, high reactivity and excellent mechanical propertiesPultrusion process and FRP products
TR-P9956.0-10.0IsophthalicHigh strength, good toughness and heat resistancePultrusion process, tent poles, fishing rods and other products


1. How can I get a sample?

Small quality of sample in stock will be free, but the freight will be charged.

2. Are you able to adjust the formula to meet our requirement?

We have our own technical department, after you test the sample, please tell us your detailed requests, we are able to adjust the resin according to your requests, and bring better properties to your finished products.

3. What is the lead time for mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the quantity. We will try our best to make the production plan according to your ETA.

4. What is your terms of payment?

100% full payment for the 1st trial order; from next order, 30% payment in advance, 70% payment after buyer get the B/L copy. We also accept L/C if you need.

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